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Virtual Training

Virtual training

Being a Remote Worker

This 90 minute virtual training course explores at how employees can adapt to working from home, remote from their colleagues and managers. The course covers:

  • The working environment and creating a suitable home workstation.
  • Understanding communication preferences and ‘keep in touch’ options.
  • Time management and managing workload.
  • Managing distractions and avoiding procrastination.
  • Setting clear goals and objectives.
  • Maintaining physical and mental wellbeing.

Delegates will leave with a workbook to help them create an action plan for remote working, develop their timetable, manage their time and develop their health and wellbeing strategy.

Managing Remote Teams

This 90 minute virtual training course explores how managers can effectively lead and motivate remote teams through sound communications strategies and building trust. The course covers:

  • The challenges of managing remotely
  • Using the right technology
  • Barriers to communication
  • Communicating team vision and empowering team members
  • Setting clear goals and measuring outcomes.
  • Motivation and building trust
  • Maintaining connection and providing feedback

Delegates will leave with a workbook to help them create an action plan to support their remote teams including their communications and ‘keep in touch’ strategy, their vision, goals and objectives, and their resource requirements.

Managing Virtual Team Meetings

This 60 minute virtual training explores what makes an effective online meeting, current technology, setting the agenda and mistakes to avoid. The course covers:

  • Preparing for the meeting and inviting team members
  • Clarifying the objectives and outcomes and developing the agenda
  • Using technology effectively
  • Sharing documents and engaging participants
  • Staying on point and avoiding diversions
  • Setting team and individual actions and managing follow up

Effective Time Management and Avoiding Procrastination

This 45 minute virtual training explores how we can better manage our time by identifying and prioritising tasks, delegating and removing distractions. The course covers:

  • The Time Matrix – Urgent/Important
  • Doing a personal time audit
  • Using technology to improve organisation
  • Managing distractions
  • Understanding procrastination
  • Procrastination traps and how to avoid them

Delegates will leave with a template to carry out their own time audit using the Time Matrix and signposting to a range of resources to help them develop better organisational strategies.

So You Want To Be A Podcaster...

This course is for anyone who wants to launch their own podcast, either as a hobby or as part of their business marketing strategy. The training is designed to help you to clarify your podcast purpose, create your perfect listener profile, develop a content plan and learn the technical skills needed to record, edit, produce and publish a professional and polished podcast.

What is included:

  • 30 minute clarity call to discuss pre-course work, objectives, priorities etc.
  • Pre-Course Workbook
  • 3 hour 1:1 immersion training via Zoom which will teach you exactly how to set your podcast up for success from recording through editing and post production to publishing and promoting. (this session is recorded and given to you to keep, so you can revisit as often as you need to).
  • 10 days of unlimited email support
  • 60 minute wash up call to ensure that you have all the skills and confidence you need to go it alone.

The training is delivered over a  14 day turnaround.  This would work as follows:

30 minute clarity call, then 3 days later half day 1:1 workshop via Zoom  followed by 10 days of email support and a final wash up call 14 days after the initial clarity call.

However, you WILL have all the tools and skills you need after the 1:1 workshop to be ready to record and publish your first episode without necessarily taking 14 days.

The above workshops can be delivered as stand-alone sessions or put together into a development programme for junior managers/team leaders. To discuss your organisation’s exact requirements email us at or call us on 01778 302464

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