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Effective Communication

This one-day workshop is designed to help team leaders and junior managers to communicate more effectively with their team. Highly interactive, the workshop covers:

  • What is Communication – Exploring the many different ways in which humans communicate.
  • Building Rapport – Understanding body language, matching and mirroring, identifying representational systems and speaking the same ‘language’
  • Effective Questions – Understanding how appropriate questions can elicit the most effective response leading to greater understanding and less ambiguity.
  • Communication Types – Identifying and understanding the best form of communication to use for a particular situation to ensure the best outcome.
  • Effective Listening – Understanding the role that good listening skills play in the communication process.
  • Barriers to Communication – Exploring the physical and emotional barriers to good communication.

By the end of the course delegates will be able to recognise their own preferred communication style as well as that of others.  They will be able to choose the most effective medium to get their message across and avoid ambiguity, leading to greater understanding and higher team performance.  This workshop works very well with Team Profiling using Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) methodology. 

Developing Assertiveness and Self-Confidence

This one-day workshop is designed for colleagues, supervisors and first line managers who may lack the confidence to speak up and challenge in a professional and positive way. The workshop covers:

  • Assertiveness vs Aggressiveness – how to be assertive without coming across as aggressive or bullish.
  • When and Where to Be Assertive – recognise situations where a more assertive approach would be beneficial and when it would be better to step back.
  • Emotional Intelligence – explore how you deal with your own emotions and those of others you work with.
  • Self Confidence – get tools and techniques to help you gain self-confidence which can help to develop more assertive behaviours.
  • Vulnerability and Courage – explore why some people fear confrontation and avoid difficult conversations.
  • Effective Communication – how to have open and honest conversations even if the subject is awkward or difficult.

By the end of the workshop delegates will understand the difference between assertive and aggressive behaviour.  They will have a greater awareness of how they are perceived by others and have tools and techniques to manage their own emotions and adapt their behaviour to produce a more effective outcome.  This workshop works very well with Team Profiling using Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) methodology and Effective Communications.

Team Profiling using Strength Deployment Inventory

Strength Deployment Inventory is a team profiling tool that focuses on inter-team relationships and individual motivations. A very well tried and tested methodology, SDI uses psychometric assessment to identify an individual’s motivational preference both when things are going well and also when there is conflict. This course is effective for individuals, but works best with teams who are already working together The course covers:

  • Individual Profiling – using an established psychometric assessment, delegates will become aware of their personal motivational value system and how their motivation changes as they feel conflicted.
  • Team Profiling – understanding what motivates different members of a team can help to improve communication, increase tolerance and understanding, reduce conflict and lead to greater productivity.
  • Strengths and Overdone Strengths – delegates will identify their personal strengths and look at how others may perceive those strengths. SDI assumes that there are no weaknesses, simply strengths that are misplaced or ‘over done’.
  • Exercises and Discussion – whilst it is important that delegates understand the theory behind SDI, it is also important that they have the opportunity to apply that theory which is achieved though group activities that encourage discussion and teamwork.
  • Full Psychometric Profile – each delegate will receive a detailed profile of their strengths. This comprehensive document will enable delegates to fully understand their own motivations as well as how to communicate effectively with other people by borrowing behaviours from other motivational value systems.

By the end of the session delegates will understand their own motivations and will have identified their personal strengths.  They will understand how others may perceive their behaviour and learn skills to adapt their approach to enable better and more productive relationships.  They will learn how SDI can help to develop the skills to provide effective feedback by using the most appropriate SDI ‘language’.  They will learn how to manage or even avoid team conflicts by understanding the motivations of their fellow team members.

Please note that there is an additional per person cost for the psychometric profile from Total SDI UK.  This will be factored into the overall cost of training but will be adjusted depending on delegate numbers.  To read more about Total SDI and the benefits it can bring to your teams click here.

medium to get their message across and avoid ambiguity, leading to greater understanding and higher team performance.  This workshop works very well with Team Profiling using Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) methodology. 

The above workshops can be delivered as stand-alone sessions or put together into a development programme for junior managers/team leaders. To discuss your organisation’s exact requirements email us at or call us on 01778 302464

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