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Ep 54 – Midlife Divorce, Narcissism and Moving Forward with Polly Crowhurst

Imagine your partner telling you they want a divorce after 34 years together, at the age of 50, and having to start a brand new …

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Ep 52 – HRT – Body Identical or Bio Identical, Risks and Types with Ali Dilks

My guest today is Ali Dilks, a nurse practitioner with a special interest in menopause.  Owner of Simply Menopausal, Aly runs her own menopause clinic …

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Ep 51 – Creative Writing with Julia McGuinness

“From writing stories for my younger brother, to penning poems for the School Magazine and filling a growing pile of personal journals, the written word …

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Ep 50 – Job Hunting Support for the Over 40s PART TWO

After the incredible feedback we got from Episode 49, Job Hunting Support for the Over 40s, with career coach Nicola Callan of BoostHR, we felt …

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Ep 49 – Job Hunting Support for the Over 40s PART ONE

As we come out of lockdown and furlough comes to an end most people agree that the job market is going to shrink and unemployment …

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Ep 48 – My Half Dozen Things for a Happy, Successful Life

A short while ago my good friend and business associate Pete Rushmer invited me to be a guest on his new podcast ‘A Half Dozen …

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