Ep 45 Gen X Shorts – Podcasting for the Terrified

Quick episode from me today talking about 3 fantastic apps to help you launch and publish your own podcast straight from your mobile phone. No …

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Ep 44 – With Dr Susanna Unsworth – Specialist Menopause Doctor

I’m joined today by Dr Susanna Unsworth who runs the specialist menopause clinic Cambridge Women’s Health  offering dedicated menopause help and support to women not just …

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Ep 43 – Gen Ex Shorts – It’s OK to not be OK

Depression isn’t something I’ve experienced much of in my life thankfully.  I’ve often had to manage stress and anxiety but luckily not depression. In this …

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Ep 42 – The discovery of a brain tumour, the peri-menopause and an unsympathetic line manager – this is Nicki’s story

In today’s episode I’m joined by Nicki Hetfield-Rogerson.  Nicki is a freelance recruitment consultant now but before starting her business, she was employed by a …

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Ep 41 – The Benefits of Yoga During a Pandemic with Elaine Robinson

Today I’m chatting with my friend and yoga instructor Elaine Robinson as she shares her thoughts and expertise on how we can use the physical, …

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Ep 40 – Tips for Working from Home

Two years ago I left a job with the Ministry of Defence, a huge organisation and I was surrounded by a team of 17, in …

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