Ep 74 – Creating a Menopause Revolution with Kate Muir

Kate Muir is a journalist, author, documentary producer, activist and an advocate for women going through menopause. She’s the author of the book ‘Everything You …

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Ep 73 – How Do Female Entrepreneurs Define Success with Dr Hayley Lewis

Have you ever wondered how women in business define success? As a woman who started my business in my 50s I don’t think I see …

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Ep 72 – Managing Menopausal Insomnia through CBTi with Tracy The Sleep Coach

You know what it’s like if you don’t get enough sleep. You end up grouchy, stressed and struggling to concentrate.  We all have times when …

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Ep 71 – Why It’s Never Too Late to Make Real Progress in Your Life

How would your friends and family react if you told them you were going to give up your well paid corporate job, at the age …

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Ep 70 – Fit Over 40 with Rob Birkhead

Have you ever wondered why it’s so much more difficult to lose weight and get fit over 40 than it was in your 20s and …

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Ep 69 – Managing Midlife Weight with Tanja Shaw

Do you struggle with midlife weight gain?   Maybe you’ve been on a constant seesaw of diets where you’ve lost weight, gained weight, lost weight and …

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