Ep 78 – Making Your Social Media Look Amazing with Nicky Pasquier

Whether you’re a business owner or just someone who loves to share on Social Media, great looking graphics are going to entice your friends, followers and potential clients to engage with your content.

And it has never been easier to create professional looking graphics, even for those of us with the creative skills of a shovel.

My guest today has built her business around helping others to stand out with gorgeous looking graphics and video.

Nicky Pasquier left her job as a senior legal PA in Civil Litigation in 2013 and started her business without any previous experience and with no financial safety net.  Yes another Gen X’er who made the jump from the corporate world into doing what she loves for herself, you’re going to love Nicky’s ‘throw caution to the wind’ story of reaching her midlife turning point..

She is now a Canva Expert, Canva Creator and Canva Champion and loves teaching small businesses how to successfully market their brands on line using branded visual content.

Check out the many ways Nicky can help you look amazing through her range of done for you graphics and customisable templates at https://www.virtuosoassistant.co.uk/

You can also get a free 45 day trial of Canva Pro, rather than the usual 30 days, using Nicky’s link here https://bit.ly/Nicky45 which will give you plenty of time to really get to know Canva and play around.

And to help you learn what to do, Nicky has a fantastic YouTube channel packed with loads of ‘how to’ videos so you can learn all the tricks and tools during your trial.  https://www.virtuosoassistant.co.uk/free-canva-tutorials

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