Ep 77 – Getting to Know Your Pelvic Floor with Caroline Carty

What if everything you’ve been told about how to look after your pelvic floor was wrong, and all those endless kegel exercises were actually doing you more harm that good?

I’m joined today by Caroline Carty, lawyer turned somatic yoga teacher who very candidly shares her story of struggling with a pelvic prolapse.  Despite spending many years teaching her class members all about the benefits of pelvic floor exercises the research suggests that this may actually not be the best solution.

Caroline is an experienced yoga teacher who is passionate about the potential of yoga to heal bodies and minds and transform lives. Originally trained with The British Wheel of Yoga (BWY.Dip) with further qualifications in Meditation. Also a qualified Somatics Exercise Coach and a registered teacher of Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs (YHLB). Caroline sits on the UK Steering Group of YHLB, a social enterprise whose aim is to promote better back care throughout the UK.

She also represents YHLB in the All Party Parliamentary Group on yoga in society.

Caroline has an extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology which informs her work with yoga as therapy particularly helping people with chronic back pain

Caroline says “My interest in Women’s health and gynaecology stems from my own experience of living with prolapse including many years of research, self-treatment and surgery. In sharing my experience with my students, I have discovered a huge silent majority of women dealing with the debilitating, humiliating and embarrassing effects of pelvic organ prolapse.

My mission in this area is to shine a light on this topic, to support women to step out of shame and demand better treatment options. There is very exciting new research in this area and new treatment options are coming…..”

Caroline references the work of Anna Crowle, a physiotherapist who specialises in women’s health using biotensegrity and myofascial release.

You can find Caroline via her website https://yogawithcarolinecarty.co.uk

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