Ep 76 – Do You Have A Good Money Mindset with Samantha Bradford

My guest on the podcast today is Samantha Bradford.

Sam is a financial advisor and money mindset coach and has a long pedigree in the corporate financial world.

But when she made the jump to setting up her own business, Simplicity Financial Planning, she found that mindset, especially for women, was a big hurdle to independent wealth and financial growth.

So we’re focusing today on the mind blocks that stop us reaching our true earning potential.  We discuss the different money archetypes and Sam shares her thoughts and ideas for shifting our money mindset from one of lack and scarcity to one of abundance and opportunity.

Sam says:  “2 Years ago, I followed my heart and stepped away from my employed adviser role with Barclays Wealth and set up my own business. I named my business Simplicity because I was frustrated with how complicated information within the financial services industry is to understand, when it is so important for people’s long time financial future.

Time after time I’ve witnessed a client’s inertia rather than them risking ‘getting it wrong’; I’ve seen clients being talked down to and just plain not understanding what’s being shared with them. It doesn’t have to be like that and so I set up Simplicity.

Our aim is to put our clients at ease around money and help them see things differently.

During the past 18 months, I have also focused on the emotional side of money and am now a qualified Money Coach.   I founded and run the Women’s Wealth Canvas where our mission is to help women build an enduring wealth plan through education, community and empowerment.  It’s a 12 week programme designed to help women dream big and feel confident around money and money matters.

I also have my own Podcast (‘Financial Chat from the Chicken Coop – how to grow your financial freedom’) which educates around money topics and money emotions.”

You can find out more about the work Sam does via her website Simplicity Financial Planning, connect with her on LinkedIn  and Instagram or by joining her free Facebook Group The Wealth Canvas

And of course if you love a good podcast (which you obviously do as you’re here!) check out Sam’s podcast  Financial Chat from the Chicken Coop

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