Ep 68 -Taking Control of Your Financial Situation for Women over 40

My guest today is financial planner Steph Smith.   Steph helps women to improve their financial wellbeing through a blend of regulated financial advice and coaching.

In today’s episode we’re discussing the cultural and mindset barriers that can often leave women feeling under confident when it comes to taking control of their financial wellbeing as well as Steph’s tips for taking back some of that control through education and planning.

Steph mentions a few resources that can help including the UK Government’s State Pension Calculator  and also the UK Government’s Pension Tracing Service.

If you want to find out more about the work Steph does or join one of her upcoming Wine, Women and Wealth Webinars, you can follow her on Facebook at Stephanie Smith FP.

Steph is also going to be sharing regular tips and financial guidance in my Facebook Group YOUR BEST MIDLIFE where you’ll also be joining a community of fabulous midlife women taking control of their health, wealth and menopause who simply refuse to let age define them.  

NOTE – please note in the episode I refer to Steph as an Independent Financial Advisor which is incorrect.  She is a partner with St James’ Place.

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