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Ep 66 – Menopause and Getting Your Head in the Right Place

Sadly when I ask the question ‘what comes to mind when you think of menopause’ many of the women I speak to use really quite sad and negative language. Washed Out. Over the Hill. Miserable. Past It. Old. Dried Up.

I really want to try and change the mindset around how we approach menopause, and getting older in general.

So in this Gen X Shorts episode I’m sharing my own thoughts on how to create a more positive mindset so we can feel more in control and enthusiastic about our next chapter rather than dreading it.

As a coach I know the power of mindset on our quality of life and the decisions and choices we make. The good news is, our mindset is not fixed and we can change the stories we tell ourselves to get a much better outcome. I hope you enjoy this episode. Let me know your thoughts on getting older. Positive and Exciting or Negative and Fearful?

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