Ep 64 – Menopause and Health and Safety at Work

One of the questions I get asked frequently by managers is ‘how do I put a risk assessment in place to cover the menopause?’.

I’m not an H&S expert, but thankfully I know a man who is.  

I’m joined today by H&S expert and podcaster Colin Nottage who hosts the award winning Interesting Health & Safety Podcast, and is the owner of IMG, a health and safety training and consultancy firm based in the East Midlands.

Colin is also the co-founder of a Health and Safety ‘mastermind’ group called ‘Project Mollitiam’ whose objective is to empower occupational health, safety, wellbeing and risk professionals to unleash their true potential and create better workplaces.

Colin has a refreshingly pragmatic and human focused approach to health and safety and he brings to our conversation his extensive expertise and a genuine feeling of empathy to what is often seen as a dry, sometimes sterile topic.

If you’d like to find out more about the work Colin does you can connect with him on LinkedIn.

And if you’d like to know when my next free Introduction to Menopause in the Workplace is going to be, drop me a line at bev@florescotraining.co.uk and I’ll let you know when the dates are confirmed.

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