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Ep 63 – Domestic Abuse and How Businesses Can Help with Julie Randall

My guest today is Julie Randall, a Female Empowerment Coach and Domestic Abuse Trainer and the owner of ‘Enlivened’ coaching and training.1 in 4 women will be affected by domestic violence during their adult lives.

In the past 12 months over 500,000 working women in the UK experienced domestic violence and abuse.

These shocking statistics, as well as Julie’s own personal experience of domestic abuse, have propelled her on a mission to help support survivors of domestic abuse by providing a safe space to talk through what they’ve gone through with someone who not only understands but who can also help them to develop the courage, self-belief and strength to rebuild their lives and thrive.

Julie is also committed to supporting businesses to understand the impact and scale of domestic abuse on their employees and to help them to support and signpost those affected to get the help they need.

During this episode both Julie and I share some of our own experiences of domestic abuse and how we rebuilt our lives, in the hope that those listening will be reassured that there is always a way out, however hard it may seem.

If you would like to contact Julie you can find her on Facebook, LinkedIn and soon on her website which is currently under construction.

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