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Ep 55 – Imposter Syndrome with Katy Walton of Make Real Progress

If you’ve ever felt like you’re not good enough, that at some point your colleagues, your boss or your customers are going to find out that you’re a fraud and you don’t actually deserve to be where you are in your business or career – you’re probably suffering from a dose of Imposterism.

It’s estimated that 70% of the population, male and female, experience Imposter Syndrome to some extent at some point in their lives.

It’s incredibly common yet it can be absolutely crippling if we aren’t aware of it or able to manage it.

In this episode I’m joined by my good friend and exceptional executive coach Katy Walton of Make REAL Progress.  We’re discussing what Imposterism is, how it’s affected us in our own, personal experiences and how we’ve learned to manage the symptoms and break through the hold it had on us.

The recording was taken from a livestreamed interview I did in my new Facebook Group, Your Best Midlife – a community for ambitious midlife women who refuse to allow age to define them or stop them living their best midlife and beyond.  If that’s you and you’d love to be surrounded by other ambitious midlife women, I’d love you to come and join us.  Here’s the link to Your Best Midlife

Also, if you’d like to work with Katy you can get in touch via her website Make Real Progress or join her growing community in The Progress Club, another fantastic Facebook community for people leaders and HR professionals.

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