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Ep 49 – Job Hunting Support for the Over 40s PART ONE

As we come out of lockdown and furlough comes to an end most people agree that the job market is going to shrink and unemployment is going to rise.

For many older workers, those aged 40 years plus, they may well find themselves jobless for the first time in very many years.

My guest today is Nicola Callan, owner of Boost HR.  Nicola asks…

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Nicola told me that even in her early forties, she still doesn’t know the answer to that question but that doing what she loves is crucial.

She helps organisations with people development, coaching approaches and HR practices, and Boost HR was created upon the belief that everyone has the right and the opportunity to do work that they love and that this can be achieved in role and when looking for work.

In her career coaching, Nicola helps people identify their values and drivers so that they can find work they love, she supports in a very practical sense working with her clients on job searching, CV writing and interview skills and becomes a champion, a cheerleader and a confidence builder in what can often be a daunting time.

There are some free resources to help yourself to on Nicola’s website, no email addresses or other personal details need to be left. Head to the blogs page for the two-part ‘How to make a great first impression, remotely’ and to the Free Stuff page for top tips for CV writing. You can find out more about Nicola and Boost HR by visiting and you can follow the Boost HR company page on Linked In or connect directly with Nicola on Linked In.


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