Ep 48 – My Half Dozen Things for a Happy, Successful Life

A short while ago my good friend and business associate Pete Rushmer invited me to be a guest on his new podcast ‘A Half Dozen Things’.

A Half Dozen Things is a genius formula for a podcast where Pete invites guests to come and share the half dozen things that they believe are key to a successful life, career, business etc.

I think I brought a rather different feel to his show with my half dozen things, which included:

1.     Follow the Evidence

2.     Be Like Barbie

3.     The Gut Knows

4.     Join Forces

5.     Keep Showing Up

6.     Assume Good Intent

You can check out Pete’s Podcast by visiting A Half Dozen Things on Podbean but you’ll also find him on iTunes, Spotify and most podcast platforms.  Pete is the owner of Flagship Partners, a training and consultancy business providing high quality training specifically around Driver CPC, Mental Health at Work, Health and Safety and all those mandatory training requirements.  Oh, and he’s damned good at it too!

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