Ep 44 – With Dr Susanna Unsworth – Specialist Menopause Doctor

I’m joined today by Dr Susanna Unsworth who runs the specialist menopause clinic Cambridge Women’s Health  offering dedicated menopause help and support to women not just within Cambridge but also,  via the wonders of tech, nationally too.

In this episode we share some great information about how to get the best from a visit to your GP to discuss menopause, the real facts about Hormone Replacement Therapy and the low down on why we don’t always get the most up to date advice from our doctor when it comes to menopause.

If you’ve felt let down by your GP when you sought help for menopause or if you just want to know the facts without the fluff, this is an episode you definitely won’t want to miss.

You can check out Dr Susanna’s blog Female GP where she discusses everything relating to women’s health.

If you need some help with your health and mindset as you navigate your way through your midlife transition, coaching is a great way to help you get clarity, confidence and direction which is exactly where I can help you.  Drop me a line at bev@florescotraining.co.uk and let’s have a no pressure chat.

And if your an employer or an HR professional looking to introduce menopause awareness training for your employees, I can help with that too.  Message me on the address above or call 01778 302464.

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