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Ep 38 – What is NLP and what Motivates you?

In this first episode of 2020 I’m chatting with NLP Master Practitioner and Motivational Maps Trainer/Practitioner Bevis Moynan.  Bevis is the owner of Magenta Coaching Solutions and as well as delivering NLP and Motivational Maps training he is also a highly experienced business and personal performance coach.

This episode will appeal if you’ve ever felt like you’re not reaching your full potential. NLP is a methodology designed to help us to get what we want from life and to overcome some of the internal mindset blocks that can keep us stuck. Along with Motivational Maps, which help us to identify what exactly motivates us in our career, this powerful combination can provide the clarity and direction we may need, as well as shifting the blocks keeping us from fulfilling our true career desires.

If you’re a manager you’ll hear how Team Maps can help you to understand and communicate with your team in a way that meets their needs to keep them motivated and performing optimally.

You can contact Bevis by email at or look him up on LinkedIn

You can also read more about Motivational Mapping in Bevis’s book, written in conjunction with Maps creator James Sales, Mapping Motivation

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