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Ep 70 – Fit Over 40 with Rob Birkhead

Have you ever wondered why it’s so much more difficult to lose weight and get fit over 40 than it was in your 20s and …

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Ep 69 – Managing Midlife Weight with Tanja Shaw

Do you struggle with midlife weight gain?   Maybe you’ve been on a constant seesaw of diets where you’ve lost weight, gained weight, lost weight and …

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Ep 68 -Taking Control of Your Financial Situation for Women over 40

My guest today is financial planner Steph Smith.   Steph helps women to improve their financial wellbeing through a blend of regulated financial advice and coaching. …

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Ep 67 – Taking Control of Your Boundaries

If you ever find yourself getting overwhelmed dealing with ‘stuff’ that isn’t even your stuff, then chances are you’ve got a boundaries problem. If you …

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Ep 66 – Menopause and Getting Your Head in the Right Place

Sadly when I ask the question ‘what comes to mind when you think of menopause’ many of the women I speak to use really quite …

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Ep 65 – Cutting through the Misinformation to get the right Menopause Diagnosis

Recently menopause specialist GP and menopause education advocate Dr Louise Newson, who runs the My Menopause Doctor website, surveyed over 5000 women to find out their experience …

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