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Ep 66 – Menopause and Getting Your Head in the Right Place

Sadly when I ask the question ‘what comes to mind when you think of menopause’ many of the women I speak to use really quite …

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Ep 65 – Cutting through the Misinformation to get the right Menopause Diagnosis

Recently menopause specialist GP and menopause education advocate Dr Louise Newson, who runs the My Menopause Doctor website, surveyed over 5000 women to find out their experience …

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Ep 64 – Menopause and Health and Safety at Work

One of the questions I get asked frequently by managers is ‘how do I put a risk assessment in place to cover the menopause?’. I’m …

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Ep 63 – Domestic Abuse and How Businesses Can Help with Julie Randall

My guest today is Julie Randall, a Female Empowerment Coach and Domestic Abuse Trainer and the owner of ‘Enlivened’ coaching and training.1 in 4 women …

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Ep 61 – Menopause and The Law

How confident are you that your business, or the organisation you work for, would be on the winning side of an employment tribunal if one …

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Ep 61 – Sex and Menopause with Dr Claire Macaulay

I’m joined today by Dr Claire Macaulay.  Claire is an oncology doctor who treats people with breast cancer. She is also a sex science geek …

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