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Beat those Hot Flushes with Exercise

When it comes to the menopause we generally tend to associate it with the archetypal hot flushes and night sweats.  However, the menopause can affect …

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The Big HRT Debate… will it ever go away?

It feels like the HRT debate right now is doing a pretty good job of challenging Brexit for our attention. You’d be hard pushed not …

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Hormone Replacement Therapy and Long Term Health

  A Brief History of HRT   Hormone Replacement Therapy has had something of a roller coaster ride in popularity since it was first introduced …

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The Diversity of Menopause

  No Two Women are the Same and Neither is Their Menopause One of the biggest revelations for me, when I started to learn more …

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What is Early Menopause

What is Early Menopause?

When we talk about menopause (which I don’t believe is as often as we should!) we tend to associate with midlife women.  We possibly think …

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The Hidden Symptoms of Menopause

The Hidden Symptoms of Menopause

When I was younger my impression of the menopause was much the same as many, I think.  I assumed it was all about hot flushes …

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Menopause: Guide for Managers

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