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menopause training online training

What Does a Menopause Trainer Even Do?

What is a Menopause Trainer?   Up until a few years ago, I didn’t even know that a Menopause Trainer was a thing.  I certainly …

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Menopause tribunals

Menopause, Discrimination and Employment Tribunals

When it comes to menopause and employment law, do you know your responsibilities? Many managers are unaware that they may be directly or indirectly discriminating …

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Menopause GP

Why Does My GP Tell Me I’m Too Young To Be In Menopause?

In my discussions with working women around the subject of menopause, I invariably hear stories of women in their 40s who have sought the advice …

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negative self talk

Recognising Negative Self Talk

Negative self-talk. We all have it. We beat ourselves up and talk to ourselves in a way we would NEVER talk to someone else. What is …

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Managing Menopause

Why The Natural Approach to Menopause May Not Be Enough

Many women experiencing menopausal symptoms tell me they want to ‘push through’ naturally using lifestyle habits to manage their symptoms. There is absolutely no doubt …

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Menopause, Mental Health, Suicide, Depression

Menopause, Mental Health and Suicide

This week is Mental Health Awareness week in the UK but one often overlooked factor that can have a profound effect on mental health is …

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Menopause: Guide for Managers

Download our free Menopause: Guide for Managers for a quick guide to what menopause is, how it impacts the workplace and how line managers can confidently support their female employees.

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