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Our Mission at Floresco is to help YOU to support YOUR workforce through their menopause transition.

The workplace is changing, and the role that midlife women play in the workplace is changing with it.

With women over 50 currently shown to be the fastest growing sector of the workforce, it is inevitable that your organisation will likely have employees working through their menopause transition.

Why does this matter? 

Because the physical and emotional changes that can affect some women as they transition through menopause can create temporary difficulties which may have an impact on performance.

Research has shown that as many as 25% of women have considered resigning as a result of a lack of support from their employer.   With an estimated cost of £30-35K to recruit a vacant post, not to mention the loss of intellectual capital, it makes sense for employers to actively support their female staff through this natural life stage.

Bev Thorogood

Owner and founder of Floresco Training Ltd.  

Following a 32 year career with the Ministry of Defence, she spent the last 10 years of her career in learning and development, as a trainer and learning advisor specialising in Human Factors and Error Management and developing teams using the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) relationship awareness profiling tool.

As well as holding a bachelor of arts degree in Business and Enterprise, Bev is a certified health coach, sports nutritionist, NLP Practitioner and behaviour change coach.  She is currently studying a PGDip in Executive Coaching and Mentoring and is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

Having struggled with her own menopause symptoms, she has, since 2018, researched the impact of menopause on working women, has studied the most current research and evidence with regard to the treatment and management of menopause and is a member of the  British Menopause Society.  She is also the author of the The Business of Menopause, A Guide for Working Women, which is available from all main bookstores. 

Royal air force

How it all began…

Just months after Bev resigned her role as a Training Assurance Manager for the Royal Air Force, she was contacted by Air Command, the RAF’s head office,  and asked if she could deliver Menopause at Work training to managers and female employees.  This led to the rebranding of Floresco Health and Lifestyle Coaching into Floresco Training and Coaching to reflect the move to include Menopause at Work awareness training and a welcome return to her first love – teaching.

It very soon became apparent that this ‘hot topic’ (pun intended) needed to be understood by managers and business owners and Floresco’s mission to help organisations to support their female workforce through the menopause transition was forged.

How do we help?

We understand that just as no two women will experience menopause in the same way, no two organisations will have the same training needs.   Consequently, our training packages are designed with you in mind.  We will work together to ensure that the information your people receive is relevant and actionable and the training is tailored accordingly.

We deliver training to two specific audiences; Managers and Female Employees.

Our Supporting Employees through Menopause training is designed to provide line managers with the information and understanding to:


Gain awareness of menopause and the tools to support their female staff


Support female employees through menopause and improve retention, absenteeism and morale



Understand the legal and economic implications of ignoring this valuable human resource


Create a culture of inclusivity by raising awareness of the issues experienced during menopause for ALL employees

Our Coping With Menopause training is designed to educate female employees on the facts around menopause, the impact of menopause on health and wellbeing and the tools to manage their own menopause.   The training emphasises the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices as well as providing information on medical and non-medical treatment options.

Additionally, we offer 1to1 executive coaching for female managers and leaders to support them through their menopause                      transition and to enable them to continue to perform at their best.   

To discuss your organisation’s training requirements contact us on
01778 302464 or email info@florescotraining.co.uk

Our happy customers

Bev Thorogood of  Floresco Training and Coaching took part in our Thrive at Bauer Week, in May this year.  She presented a 45 minute live online ‘Let’s Talk Menopause’ workshop and a number of 1-2-1 sessions afterwards.  All the sessions were extremely popular and we received very positive feedback from attendees.  They found it really informative and appreciated us including this on our itinerary for the wellness and wellbeing week.

Bauer Media group logo

Nicky Tranter

Bauer Media

Bev did an excellent job, feedback from the staff was that she was very approachable and knowledgeable and made them feel comfortable and at ease. Bev very quickly understood our Boden approach and fitted in really well. She was extremely flexible with the delivery of the session and flexed to accommodate our shift pattern needs. The managers sessions were pitched just right, equipping them to talk about menopause without embarrassment and breaking some of the myths.

I was very impressed with the amount of information Bev was able to share with us – in a short time- yet in an engaging and friendly manner.

It was a great session.

J P Boden Ltd logo

Louise May

Specialist Produce Training - J P Boden Ltd

Buckles’ Solicitors were lucky enough recently to have two of Bev’s Menopause in the Workplace Seminars, one for ladies going through the menopause and one for their Managers. I would say both sessions were extremely worthwhile and informative. This is a subject that is not openly spoken about generally let alone in the workplace despite the fact that a lot of ladies experience and often struggle with the symptoms for quite some time without actually knowing what’s happening. Bev made the two sessions interesting, and everyone was able to ask questions and share experiences. I comfortably recommend Bev and Floresco Training to other companies who want to raise awareness and understanding of the menopause

Linda Smith

Linda Smith

Head of HR and Engagement - Buckles Solicitors

So great to have you with us Bev at L’Oréal! Such an informative talk for all our colleagues! Talking about Menopause now at L’Oréal will be easier for all of my co-workers! Thanks so much Bev!

Jennifer Green

Jennifer Green

Active Cosmetics - L’Oreal UKI

I recently attended ‘Menopause Awareness Training – Coping with the Menopause Workshop’ at RAF Wittering, delivered by Bev Thorogood. The workshop was extremely well presented and covered a wide range of issues from explaining the three stages of the menopause to the potential symptoms and treatments available.

It was refreshing to be able to talk about the menopause and the impact it can have on individuals both personally and professionally. It was equally reassuring to learn that I’m ‘normal’.

As a result of the workshop I now have a better understanding of how I can deal with my own symptoms naturally but also what medical help is available if required. In addition, I also feel empowered not only to speak to my doctor about how to obtain treatment, but also to my line manager, who attended the employer session, should I have any concerns about how it may impact my work without fear of being dismissed as irrationally emotional. For far too long the menopause has been a taboo subject, particularly in the workplace. Menopause Awareness Training is a huge step towards breaking that taboo.

Emma Stacey

Emma Stacey

RAF Wittering

'Having recently attended one of Bev’s training session entitled Supporting Employees Through Menopause I would highly recommend her services to other employers. Bev’s clear information, professionalism, and own life experiences helped with giving me the knowledge needed to support and offer guidance to not only staff but also friends and family members alike. I am now more informed on the subject than I ever was and believe that other employers should take the initiative and move forward to train their staff on this emotive topic.'


Stuart North

Head of Estates and Facilities, New College Stamford

'During my tenure as a training validator, I had the pleasure of receiving training and carry out training quality validation for Bev Thorogood . The lesson was a safety critical human factors lesson using facilitation as a training delivery technique.

Facilitation requires; great communication skills, patience, confidence and an in depth knowledge of the subject matter, all of which Bev has in abundance.

Facilitation also requires the interaction and participation of all students, to achieve the set training objectives. I recall the superb use of an interactive game to get all student motivated and communicating well together. This led to group exercises, white board work and group discussions. I remember Bev ensured everyone was included in the lesson by changing rolls and controlling the group exercises with skill.

Bev Thorogood is an accomplished facilitator and any student on any of her courses would leave the lesson not only better informed and trained, but would of had a positive enjoyable learning experience.'

Richie Laurent - testimonial

Richie Laurent

Senior Materials Engineer, Bae

'Our managers recently attended Bev’s training on Awareness of Menopause in the Workplace and had their eyes opened to the impact of menopause on women and the ways in which they can suffer at work. It has changed the way New College Stamford approaches the issues surrounding menopause in the workplace and is now factored into our approach to flexibility and making reasonable adjustments.'

Carol Hargreaves - testimonial

Carol Hargreaves

Head of HR, New College Stamford

'I attended a training on menopause that Bev gave in Stamford a few months ago. At 47, I had started to experience a number of symptoms that I wasn’t sure were all related to the perimenopause so I felt that I needed to start investigating for myself!
Bev’s training was very enlightening, useful and great fun – not easy with what many consider to be a difficult subject! Not only was it jam packed with factual information but also gave some great ideas on how to mitigate some symptoms in a natural way, alongside the traditional treatments available from your medical care provider.
Bev encouraged a very interactive session and it was great to be able to interrupt and ask questions to get the most out of her impressive knowledge bank.
All in all, I came away with a much greater understanding of what was happening to me and the options available.
Would thoroughly recommend Bev for any training needs you may have.'

Elaine Robinson - testimonial

Elaine Robinson

Yoga Teacher

New College Stamford has run two 'Menopause Awareness' sessions through Floresco Training and Coaching. The sessions were very much appreciated by staff from a wide variety of roles, and feedback was hugely positive. The sessions were enjoyable, informative, interesting and delivered with warmth and, where appropriate, humour. The opportunity to ask questions and share experiences throughout was particularly appreciated, as was the information about the wealth of additional material available on this subject. I would recommend this training to everyone - it's a real eye-opener and it's certainly helped our organisation to appreciate the impact of menopause in the workplace and to think through what we can do to support colleagues.

Janet Meenaghan

Janet Meenaghan

Principal and Chief Executive, College Stamford

I had the pleasure of working with Bev during her time in her previous career. Her passion for training, coaching and mentoring was infectious and refreshing. A gifted facilitator, she captivates her audience from the outset, regardless of the size or demographic, and guides them through the session leaving no doubt that key messages have been understood by all. 

Bev provided me with one-to-one fitness coaching which wielded excellent results. Her personable approach and warm demeanor ensured I felt comfortable discussing personal issues with her in order to achieve my best - an essential skill in her current industry! 

Having attended many training courses I've had my fair share of exposure to different training and facilitation approaches. Bev is without doubt one of the best around and I'd highly recommend her to deliver training to any audience.

Elliott Maddison Testimonial

Elliott Maddison

Senior Information Officer, Defence Infrastructure Organisation

I recently attended one of Bev’s Menopause in the Workplace Seminars and can honestly say it was extremely worthwhile and informative. Being a subject matter that is not openly spoken about until such time as you reach that “time of life”, a lot of ladies experience and often struggle with the symptoms for quite some time without knowing the full ins and outs of what is happening to their body. Bev made the session easy to follow, totally jargon free and a comfortable and safe environment for all to ask questions and share experiences. It was really nice to meet such a wonderful group of ladies. I can definitely recommend Bev and Floresco Training if you are looking to raise awareness and understanding of the menopause within your workplace. Fantastic seminar Bev thank you I learnt a lot.

Barbara Mehew

Barbara Mehew

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